Grease build up in sewer lines

We have found that a large number of sewer line blockages are caused by grease. Over time, large quantities of grease flowing through the drain build up on the walls of the pipeline. This deposit can clog the pipe entirely, or collect solid matter to cause a blockage.

How grease blockages are cleared
Mechanical clearing of a drain clogged with grease removes most of the build up. After mechanical clearing of the drain, the wall of the pipe retains some of the grease. To entirely clean the wall of the pipe, a high pressure jetting machine is used to clean the pipeline. This procedure removes all build-up present in the pipeline.

Where the grease comes from
Grease is normally the result of cooking by-products. Grease build up can occur from the following products:

Garbage disposal units, while grinding scraps into smaller pieces, do not prevent grease entering the pipeline.

Preventing grease entering the drain
It is impossible to stop ALL grease from entering your sewer system, however a few things can be done to minimise it's presence. Empty scraps from plates and cooking items into a refuse bin, or bury under soil. You can use sink strainers to also minimise greasy items entering the drain, empty these into a refuse bin.

Maintaining you grease trap (where applicable)

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